Damien Dhingra

Damien Dhingra

Damien Dhingra

Co-founder, CTO & CFO

Damien is a seasoned technology and finance leader with a distinguished career in the e-commerce software industry. A proud alumnus of the University of Washington, Damien transitioned from a solid foundation in software engineering, having worked extensively with SAP and Dataknobs. His deep expertise in AI and machine learning has been instrumental in driving the development of groundbreaking solutions at OmniSynkAI. As a product management visionary, Damien has successfully spearheaded numerous innovative projects, demonstrating his exceptional ability to blend technical acumen with strategic oversight.

Under Damien's leadership, OmniSynkAI has seen remarkable advancements in its e-commerce suite, leveraging cutting-edge AI to enhance user experiences and optimize business operations. His dual role as CTO and CFO allows him to seamlessly integrate technological innovation with financial strategy, ensuring the company's robust growth and competitive edge.

Beyond his professional achievements, Damien is an avid boxer and a connoisseur of Persian cuisine, bringing the same passion and dedication to his personal interests as he does to his role at OmniSynkAI.

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