Jordyn Harrison

Jordyn Harrison

Jordyn Harrison

Co-founder, CEO & CPO

Jordyn is a visionary leader renowned for her exceptional expertise in e-commerce and ERP systems. With a distinguished career that includes influential design roles at Adobe, Meta, Spartan Surfaces, and Smoothie King, Jordyn brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to OmniSynkAI. She has had the privilege of working under Scott Belsky (co-founder of Behance) at Adobe and presenting her work to Will Cathcart at WhatsApp, underscoring her ability to engage with top-tier industry leaders.

Jordyn's unwavering passion for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), underrepresented communities, and emerging markets drives her empathetic and intuitive approach to design. She excels in creating effective, user-centered solutions that add substantial value to her projects. Her adaptability and unique problem-solving skills set her apart, making her a pivotal force in OmniSynkAI's mission to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape.

As CEO and CPO, Jordyn leverages her extensive experience to lead OmniSynkAI with a strategic and innovative vision, fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity. Outside of her professional endeavors, Jordyn is dedicated to treating others with respect, enjoys watching Shark Tank and Business Insider, exploring bubble tea shops, and mastering new Figma hacks, reflecting her continuous quest for learning and personal growth.

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